《蓝莓之夜》经典语录 《蓝莓之夜》经典台词 蓝莓之夜 经典语录 第1张

  1、it took me nearly a year to get here. it wasn't so hard to across that street after all. it all depends on the one you're waiting for on the other side.

  几乎用了一年的时间让自己来到这里 最后才发现 其实穿越这条马路并不是那么的难 只需要看街道的对面你在等着的是谁

  2、where're you going?

  well, i don't have any specific destination in mind, but i just go to the right place to go.


  其实我也不知道我要去哪儿 只是去我该去的地方

  3、i used to daydream about him dying. i thought it was the only way that clear me up. and now he has, it hurts me more than anything else in the whole world.


  4、when you're gone. all this like behind your memories created another people's life

  当你离开之后 所有记忆中留下的事情只是组成了另一个人的生活

  5、in the past few days, i've been learning how to not trust ppl. and i'm glad i failed. sometimes we depend some ppl as a mirror. to define us. tell us who we are.

  在过去的几天里,我一直都在学着不要去相信别人。我很高兴我失败了。有时我们把别人当作一面镜子 去定义自己 去告诉自己“我们是谁”

  6、—you still have the keys?

  —yea i aways remember what you said about never throwing them away, about never closing those doors forever.i remember.

  —sometimes even you have the keys. those doors still can't be opened, can they?

  —even if the door is opened, the person you're looking for may not be there.





  7、—trust everyone, but always cut cards. that thing my father never taught me. you know what that means?it means never trust anybody.

  —if you're so good at reading people

  —then why i lose?


  —‘cause you can't always win. you can beat players, but you can't beat luck. sometimes you read them off. you read person right, but you still did the wrong thing.

  —because you trust them?

  —because you can't even trust yourself.








  8、it took me nearly a year to get here. it wasn't so hard to cross that street after all. it all depends on who's waiting for you on the other side.


  9、goodbye doesn't always mean the end, sometimes it means a new beginning

  分开不代表说再见 或许是更好地去面对未来

  10、e: or maybe one of them run off with someone else

  j: maybe the feelings just away



  11、e: guess i'm just looking for a reason

  j: for my observations, sometimes it's better of not knowing. and other times there's no reason to be found


  我看来…有些时候不知道也许会更好 还有些时候 根本就没有理由

  12、“why didn't you go looking for her?”

  “she said if i ever got lost, i just stay one place, so she'll find me.”


  她曾经说过 如果有一天我走丢了 就在原地等着 她会来找我

  13、if i throw these keys away, those doors will be closed forever

  如果我把这些钥匙丢掉 那些门将永远都不会打开

  14、i just looked up at the window, i realized, i was on the wrong side

  我抬起头看看那扇窗子 我明白原来我站在了错误的一侧

  15、how do you say goodbye to someone you can't imagin living without?

  i didn't say goodbye

  i didn't say anything

  i just walked away

  at the end of that night, i decided to take the longest way across the street




  在那晚 我决定走一条距离最长的路去穿越这条街道

  16、one is always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange music. then one day, you will find that the things you try hard to forget are already gone.


  17、how do you say goobye to someone you can't imagine living without? i didn't say goodye. i don't say anything. i just walk away. at the end of that night, i learned the longest way to pass the street.


  18、—i need someone to talk to. do you think he will pick up the keys?

  —i don't knowi have customers leaving keys here for years. sometimes they pick up in a few days, sometimes takes a few weeks.

  —what about most of the times?

  —most of the time the keys stay in the jar.

  —why you keep them?you should just throw them out.

  —nono, i couldn't do that.

  —why not?

  —if i throw this keys away, and those doors will be closed forever. that should not up to me to decide. should it?

  —i guess i just looking for a reason.

  —wellform my observations, sometimes it's better of not knowing. and other times there's no reason to be found.

  —everything has a reason.

  —just like this pies and cakes.at the end of every night,cheese cakes and the apple pies are always completely gone. the peach pies and chocolate mousse cakes are nearly finished. but, there's always a whole blue berry pie left untouched.

  —so what's wrong with the blueberry pie?

  —it's nothing wrong with the blueberry pie. just people make other choices, you can't blame the bluebreey pies. just no one wants it.















  19、i guess for sulin, leaving this town was like dying. i wonder how many people would remember arnie. when you're gone, all that left behind are memories created in other people's lives, or just couple items on the bills.


  20、i always have the feeling i can say anything to you, enclosed with the bills i created for you, in memory of our time together.i wonder how you remerber me. as a girl who like blueberry pies? or the girl with a broken heart?




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